Some nice things our customers have said.

I don’t regret driving almost 5 and a half hours one way.

“Let me tell you, I’ve never had quality service with an equipment dealership. These guys at Safford Equipment can hook you up with almost anything! I got a hook up and haul package and I don’t regret driving almost 5 and a half hours one way to go get it. They get 5 stars on the whole deal! Thanks guys!”

Nick Martin
Royston, Georgia

“Keith worked with me and stayed late so I could come pick my mower up, u don’t find many people who will offer to wait and help u and he did. Great place, great people and awesome equipment. I’ll definitely be back at Safford Equipment.”

Andrew Simmons

“I highly recommend this place to anyone that’s looking to buy mowing equipment. I drove 4 hours to them for my package deal and it was worth every bit of it. Very nice staff and easy to work with.”

Bradley Brown
Fayetteville, Tennessee

“Deals so good I want to tell everyone
except my competition

Morgan Buckner

“Great people who work there…I’m from GA. Took me 4 hours and 20 min to get there to purchase mzt52 package. I am very happy. I highly recommend…”

Luke Howard
Lawrenceville, Georgia

“EXTREMELY AWESOME Group of people to deal with they helped me get my business up and going again the day after all my equipment and trailer was stolen and worked with me on getting the right equipment for the job THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THE HARD WORK AND DEDICATION TO YOUR CUSTOMERS!!!!!!”

Jonathan Bodin
Mobile, Alabama

“I drove 118 miles one way to see them and will do it again.”

Jeremy Clark
Fowl RIver, Alabama

“The way they treat you makes it worth the drive. I was honestly blown away by the customer care they offer at Safford Equipment and would not have an issue driving back to have my mower worked on.”

Christopher C Burks
Opelika, Alabama

“I purchased the MZT52 BS Package and added a few extra items. Spoke with Keith on Wednesday, picked up package on Saturday. Drove from Mexico beach, Florida, for this. Once again I’m glad I did.”

Charlie Childs
Mexico Beach, Florida

…the customer service was absolutely incomparable!

After speaking with Olivia on the phone, we made the decision to drive almost 5 hours to purchase a mower & trailer from Safford. The value was amazing and the customer service was absolutely incomparable! Upon our arrival, our mower was loaded and ready to go and the paperwork was ready to sign. The entire staff was so friendly and knowledgeable–they really made our experience a great one. We will definitely make that trip again when it’s time for another equipment purchase

Zeb McAllister

“I would like to thank Keith, and all the folks there at Safford Equipment for the great deal I received on my new Gravely 52 inch mower & 6×10 trailer. I live 3 hours away, and they even me me half way! GREAT service!!!”

David Parker

“Outstanding customer service and knowledge of every question I had, I will be doing more business with them and recommend them to anyone who is interested in some great deals”

Cam Hollingsworth
Montgomery, Alabama

“Great Service!! I financed over the phone, got there and I was walking out the door with my setup in less than 30 minutes!!”

Dexter Oilfield Goon Williamson

“At my age I thought customer service was a thing of the past. I want to thank everyone that I meet and those I did not. Very respectable people that I meet and hand shakes galore. A-1 CUSTOMER CARE WITH TOP NOTCH PRODUCTS.”

Mike Montgomery

The preceding quotes came from actual customers. These and many more can be found on our review page on Facebook.