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Customer Satisfaction

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Customer Satisfaction

We don’t believe in “winning” our customers business.


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The customer service game is never won because it never ends. To keep our customers coming back, we continually have to earn it day in and day out.

Making our customers happy and coming back requires more than just words, it requires action.

Service doesn’t end with the sale. It begins with it.

If you have a problem with an item which you find unsatifactory, please call (877) 872-2417 and speak with our staff who will promptly work with you to resolve the issue.

We register your product for you. We handle the warranty.

How often do you buy something only to have it break and then find out your warranty is void because you forgot to register the product? When you purchase equipment from Safford, we register the product on your behalf so you’ll know with confidence that your manufacturer’s warranty will be there should you ever need it.