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Aluma Utility Trailer #5410 Tilt

Aluma Utility Trailer #5410 Tilt

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With a bed of 54″ x 120″ and a load capacity of 1640 pounds, this Aluma Utility Trailer #5410 Tilt trailer offers dexterity in addition to reliable hauling.

Made entirely from aluminum (aside from the axle and coupler, that is), this trailer is light to transport and resist rust even after trips in the rain. An open deck makes loading up hefty goods super simple. It can handle equipment that won’t as easily— or at all— in enclosed trailers. Lock in loose gear with the help of stake pockets and tie down loops on either side of the trailer.

This trailer rolls on durable silver mod steel wheels and features a gas cylinder to help raise the bed for simplified, efficient loading.

Feature Highlights

Open Deck Design

This trailer’s open deck design can handle loads of all shapes and sizes and requires less space to store than an enclosed trailer.

Aluminum Teardrop Fenders

Protect your wheels while you’re out on the road with aluminum teardrop fenders. Aluminum is more resilient in tough conditions compared to steel or plastic, so you can rest assured that your wheels will stay protected no matter the elements.

Lightweight Aluminum Construction

Tow heavier loads safely behind your vehicle with this lightweight aluminum construction. The flatbed, tailgate, wheels, fenders, and a-frame tongue are all made of aluminum so you can move without being held back or falling apart.

Haul up to 1640 lbs

This trailer may be lightweight, but it can handle quite a bit of heft. Haul up to 1640 pounds comfortably.

Weight 360 lbs