LT603 Load Trail 7X18 Car Hauler 10K W/ Slide Ramps

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Treat your car (or other vehicles) to the window seat with the LT603 Load Trail 7X18 Car Hauler 10K that can handle a weight of up to 10,000 lbs in it’s 7 foot by 18 foot hauler bed. This car hauler features slide-in rear ramps.

No matter what vehicles or equipment you’re hauling, this car hauler keeps it simple. Rear slide-in ramps make for no-fuss loading and unloading, and an open deck design can fit vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Plus, with treated pine wood flooring, you can trust this trailer bed to hold up no matter the wear and tear or the elements.

Uneven loads don’t have to cause a problem, thanks to a multi-leaf suspension system that helps stabilize and support disproportionate loads. With this car hauler, you can travel with heavy machinery across town or cross county with equal peace of mind.

Feature Highlights

Open Deck Design

This trailer’s open deck design can handle loads of all shapes and sizes and requires less space to store than an enclosed trailer.

Multi-Leaf Spring Suspension

To help support your load, this trailer relies on a multi-leaf spring suspension system. This system is specially engineered to help bear your load with the proper support, stability, and safety.

Treated Wood Floor

The base of this trailer is treated pine wood for resilient, durable, and slip-proof performance no matter the conditions. Wood is an easy material to maintain and repair, and won’t scrape or squeak as you move your equipment.

Rear Slide-In Ramps

Rear slide-in ramps make for easy-peasy loading and unloading. Simply extend the ramps when you’re ready to load up some gear or when it’s time to unload at your destination. When you’re traveling or storing, these ramps slide right back into the flat bed for convenient storage.

Weight 3600 lbs

Working width:6 feet 11 inches
Overall width:8 feet 6 inches
Working length:18 feet
Overall length:22 feet
Deck height:2 feet inches
Axle 2-Dexter 5200# electric brake
Breakaway cable Yes
Color black
Coupler 2 5/16 inches
Crossmembers 2x3 angle 24" on center
Dovetail 2 feet
Floor Pressure treated pine
Frame 5" channel
GVWR 10400
Jack 5000# dropleg jack
LED lights Yes
Load Capacity 7450 pounds
Lug pattern option 6on5.5" centers
Ramp 4’ flat bar ramps
Safety chains Yes
Spare tire mount No
Stake pockets Yes
Tie down loops 4
Tire size 2257515
Tire load range E
Wiring harness Molded
Wiring harness plug 7-way