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Genuine OEM Part

The Husqvarna 520iHD60 Hedge Trimmer, with a 24 inch double sided blade, offers quiet electric power for efficient and professional commercial performance.

The Husqvarna 550iBTX Backpack Blower, unleashing air speeds of 120.79 miles per hour and an air volume of 452.03 cubic feet per minute, combines ergonomic comfort and professional force for a top class battery blower.

GTIN: 193028040193 $199.00

Optimized PRO battery with excellent power to weight ratio for demanding applications in all weather conditions.

Integrated battery suitable for home use, offering high capacity for extended runtime.

GTIN: 7392930272248 $269.95

Provides excellent runtime and extra power for demanding applications

GTIN: 7391736203456 $274.00

The Husqvarna BLi300 is their highest capacity 36 volt lithium-ion battery compatible with all Husqvarna battery powered tools. It is designed to optimize productivity and long run-time in all weather conditions.

GTIN: 193028007394 $948.00

The pivoting fixing point on the belt makes it possible for the harness to follow the movement of your shoulders, making sure you always work efficiently and comfortably

The Husqvarna QC500 Charger is optimised for fast charging of Husqvarna backpack batteries, plus the integrated BLi300 battery. 500W output with active battery cooling charges batteries up to 50% faster than our QC330 charger, cutting downtime as it increases productivity.

Husqvarna QC250 Battery Charger #967970103

GTIN: 7391736231466 $119.95

This Husqvarna QC330 battery charger charges batteries from multiple Husqvarna battery-operated handhelds! Husqvarna battery chargers for Li-ion batteries provide fast and smart charging.


GTIN: 7393089220203 $59.95

A compact Husqvarna battery charger

Genuine OEM Part