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PFERD’s high-precision spiral cut provides these chainsaw files with outstanding sharpness and ultra-long tool life.

Smooth cut files provides a softer and gentler sharpening action. This is appreciated by professional users who prefer less aggressive cutting properties.

GTIN: 034761200270 $19.99

Rotary Chainsaw Chain 3/8 .050 56DL #7222056


Chisel Chain without Bumper Link
ITEM #34-7324072


Chisel Chain without Bumper Link
ITEM #34-7324080


GTIN: 034761200232 $17.99

Low pro without bumper link
ITEM #34-7222044


Semi Chisel with Bumper Links .325″


Rotary Semi Chisel Saw Chain 1/4 .043 72DL #7111072