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Strategically spaced hooks will hold rakes and other types of hand tools in enclosed trailers.
Using the 2 sets of hooks on either end of this rack for things like hoses, extension cords, ropes and more. Helps prevent kinking due to the closely spaced hooks.
Hooks have 100 & 1 uses: hold cords, belts, tie downs, etc. Holds almost anything that coils or has a loop on it.

Designed to hold a back pack blower by its grab handle for enclosed trailers.
Cross member supports the blower’s back rest and secures the unit with the included bungee cord.
Bottom hook keeps the blower tube tucked in against the wall.
Bottom hook can do double duty as a hand held blower hook too.

Trailer Accessories

Rack’em Basket Kit RA-14


The RA-14 basket kit bolts to the side rails of an open trailer and can hold a large variety of equipment, tools, supplies and more.
It bolts directly to a 6-1/2’ wide trailer and comes with a 6” angle iron kit that will allow it to fit trailers width from 72″ to 84″.

Unique 2-spring design gives extra power when needed automatically, and provides a smooth jerk free movement all the way down and all the way up.
Shortest unit on the market taking up the least amount of rail space, which leaves room for other needed racks.

Rack’em RA-31 rack is designed to hold and organize Hardscaping tools

Designed for enclosed trailers to hold a Hedge trimmer or chainsaw by the loop handle

This kit is used with an RA-14.
Both units are pre-drilled for easy installation.
Allows you to lock your basket.

One of our most useful racks, no matter how you use your enclosed trailer.
The top rack is designed to hold aerosol cans, such as spray lube, paint, pesticides and more in the large holes. The smaller holes on top can fit screwdrivers, ratchets and more.

The RA-19 will securely transport a back pack blower on an open trailer. Some brands of blowers may require an adapter.
This rack has a built in locking mechanism to deter theft, which uses a standard padlock (not included).
Great for Hardscaping.

This beverage rack is manufactured right in the USA and is perfect for working in the yard on a long, hot summer day. Just attach your beverage cooler rack to your trailer, insert the cooler, fill with ice cold water or your other favorite cold drink and head outside!

The RA-2 can be bolted to the open trailer top side rail or to the RA-14 basket kit if so equipped.
It can hold either a 3 or 5 pound spool of trim line.
Spring loaded center dowel has steel and rubber washers to prevent unwanted rotation.

Shovel Holder Kit attaches to an RA-6 for use on open trailers.

Rack’em RA-15 rack can hold up to six shovels or similar long handled tools.

Versatile, literally thousands of potential uses. Holds belts, cords, straps, and more in an enclosed trailer.