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The nine-piece HH500 Mucho Mowing Commercial Bundle will get you to your next professional lawn care job in mucho style and comfort. Two M-ZT 52  zero turn mowers and two 525L trimmers grace this package along with a backpack blower, an Igloo jug cooler, 4 racks and a trailer.

A great starter bundle or grow-your-fleet bundle, the HH501 M-ZT 52 Husqvarna Commercial Fleet Deal includes the M-ZT 52 zero turn mower, backpack blower, string trimmer and 16″ chainsaw. Plus a 20-quart ORCA cooler.

The HH502 Z460 Fleet Deal commercial bundle includes the Husqvarna Z460 zero turn with a Husqvarna string trimmer, chainsaw, backpack blower and a cooler from ORCA.

Stuffed to the gills, the HH503 Pro Scaper commercial package includes the Husqvarna M-ZT 52 zero turn and the Pro Walk 36GR commercial walk behind mowers, and the 525LS trimmer, 525HF3S hedge trimmer, 560BTS leaf blower and 525ECS curved edger. Plus four Rack’em racks, 6′ x 14′ utility trailer ORCA cooler and and jug cooler.

The HH505 M-ZT 52 BS Bundle includes the Husqvarna M-ZT 52 zero turn with three professional Husqvarna products including a backpack blower, string trimmer and 16″ chainsaw. Plus also included is a 6′ x 10′  trailer and cooler from ORCA.

The HH506 Landscaper commercial bundle features 17 top-tier professional lawn equipment items to start or grow your landscaping business. Highlights include two Husqvarna M-ZT 52 zero turn mowers, two Husqvarna 525LS trimmers, 350BT backpack blower and 525HF3S hedge trimmer plus enclosed trailer with many more tools and racks galore.


One of our most popular bundles, the HH508 Husqvarna mower bundle gives you some of the best residential mowing equipment on the market including the Husqvarna Z460 Zero Turn Mower, 350BT backpack blower, T435 16″ chainsaw and 322L string trimmer. And as a bonus you get a 6′ x 10′ utility trailer and ORCA cooler.