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GTIN: 743184011256 $399.99

The ECHO SRM-2620U Brushcutter, with a 25.4 cc engine and a 17 inch cutting swath, delivers lightweight power and dependable performance for the professional or skilled home owner.

GTIN: 743184994054 $459.99

Versatile and ergonomic, the ECHO SRM-280U Brushcutter utilizes its 17 inch cutting swath and 28.1 cc engine to scour weeds with brutal efficiency.

GTIN: 743184015537 $469.99

ECHO’s SRM-3020U brush cutter is in a league of its own when it comes to power and performance. The flex cable drive gives operators the best combination of performance and low vibration. Convert to a 25 mm blade to tackle dense weeds and small saplings.

GTIN: 743184000892 $599.99

The ECHO SRM-410U Brushcutter, with a 10 inch blade and 42.7 cc engine, is a professional tool designed to make quick work of the thicker and denser terrain.

GTIN: 024761029698 $319.95

Easy to use and comfortable to operate, the Husqvarna 129R Brushcutter with a 27 cc engine and curved shaft delivers professional performance to the hands of homeowners.

GTIN: 024761019873 $619.95

With a trimmer head, grass blade, and saw blade, the Husqvarna 336FR Brushcutter offers multiple ways to keep your yard in line with flexibility, finesse, and for a competitive price.

GTIN: 024761019804 $449.95

For effortless handling and efficient power, the Husqvarna 525RJX Brushcutter with a 25.4 cc engine and t35 trimmer head gives you the best value — and least vibration– for its class.

GTIN: 024761019033 $419.95

Designed with the lawn care professional and skilled homeowner in mind, the Husqvarna 525RX Brushcutter offers lightweight power for easy maneuvering and consistently quality results.

GTIN: 7391736590556 $599.95

Husqvarna’s 535iFR is a robust and versatile, high-performance, battery-powered brushcutter designed for frequent use on grass, brush and light forestry clearing.

GTIN: 024761029945 $869.95

The Husqvarna 545FR Brushcutter, complete with a trimmer head, grass blade, and saw blade, combines big power and broad versatility for a tool that will cut that brush with ruthless efficiency.

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GTIN: 024761019989 $1,369.95

The Husqvarna 555FX Forestry Saw, a true professional beast, wields a 53.3 cc engine that delivers top power meant to last for tough tasks and stay balanced and comfortable for long days out in the wild.