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This Lawn Mower Attachment is designed to quickly and easily replace your DR Field and Brush Mower’s standard brush deck without tools

Lightweight but rugged, our PRO-26 has the power for cutting the thickest field grass and clearing brush and saplings up to 2″ thick. Accepts all our optional attachments that make the DR a year-round workhorse!

In winter, plow driveways and walks and clear snow quickly. Any time of year, harness the pushing power of the DR FIELD and BRUSH MOWER and use the Grader/Snow Blade to spread and level loose gravel, topsoil, sand and more.

A great companion to a full-sized DR Tiller. Turn soil in established gardens and keep the weeds down between rows with this easy-starting, lightweight workhorse.

The 48″ Grader with Powered Remote adds the convenience of push-button adjustment of grading depth while you grade. Operable from your tow vehicle, you can raise and lower the 12 grading teeth while you drive.


All the power of our legendary walk-behind brush mowers in a nimble tow-behind. Hitch it to your ATV or lawn tractor and reclaim overgrown land. Take down 3″ saplings and mow the thickest field grass while you ride.

DR’s 60″ tow-behind finish mower delivers a high quality finish cut on lawns and flat off-lawn areas. Tow behind your ATV or use as an outrigger and mow simultaneously with your riding mower. Mow up to 2.75 acres/hour!

DR Power Equipment

DR Trimmer/Mower (Tow-Behind)


Hitch our All-Terrain model to your ATV (or UTV) and take care of all your rough area trimming and mowing. Great for fence lines, trails, ditches, and more. Quick-Lock Trimmer Head makes cord changes fast and easy.

DR Trimmer/Mower the PREMIER is a tremendous value. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, it will outperform any handheld trimmer. The 6.75 Briggs & Stratton engine with cast iron sleeve has plenty of power for all trimming and lighter mowing tasks.

DR Power Equipment

DR Trimmer/Mower 7.0 Pilot


At just 55 pounds, the PILOT is our lightest, easiest-to-maneuver trimmer on wheels. But it has the muscle to vastly outperform any handheld trimmer on the market…without the hassle or the back pain!

The Wood Chipper attachment for the DR Field and Brush Mower powers through branches up to 3.5″ thick. Removing mower deck and attaching Chipper takes less than 5 minutes. No tools required.

DR 9.5 Chipper Shredder has the muscle to chew through hardwood branches up to 3″ in diameter and shred half-inch thick yard waste. We made it easy to maneuver, easy to use, and a terrific value!

The ECHO Bear Cat PW2700 pressure washer is the perfect size for residential use. It comes with everything you need to get cleaning!

The ECHO Bear Cat PW3000 pressure washer can handle jobs small to tall. This mid-sized pressure washer boasts 3000 psi and can handle tougher residential jobs, and is so powerful it can be used in a professional setting as well!

The ECHO Bear Cat PW40000 pressure washer is a commercial grade washer designed for professional use. With a powerful 4000 psi, this machine can get just about any surface clean quickly and easily.