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Lean and mean, the HH100 Cheap as Dirt Bundle gives you the basics to handle your tough lawn obligations with ease and pro-like quality at an affordable price. Includes a Husqvarna LGT2654 Lawn Tractor, 129L string trimmer and a steel swivel dump cart—’cos who don’t need a good dump cart?


Our HH105 Bundle is just the right size for small jobs, and can handle large jobs as well.

The HH200 Fab 48 residential bundle includes Husqvarna’s LGT48DXL Lawn Tractor, string trimmer and blower plus utility trailer.

The HH201 Husqvarna residential mower bundle includes one of Husqvarna’s most popular lawn tractor’s—the TS 348XD plus more handheld lawn equipment including trimmer, curved edger and blower. And don’t forget the 20-quart ORCA cooler.

The HH202 Husqvarna residential mower bundle features the Husqvarna TS 348XD Lawn Tractor along with Husqvarna trimmer, blower, ORCA cooler and a utility trailer to take it anywhere wheels can go.