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Briggs & Stratton Carburetor OEM #593432

Briggs & Stratton Carburetor OEM #593432

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This part replaces obsolete part #: 790020, 794653, 794308, 790022, 698772, 794215, 791178, 793227, 790021, 791266 and 790019.

Includes: Carburetor, Gasket and Hose.
Used Before Code Date 08121500

This carburetor is an authentic OEM supplied replacement part designed for Briggs and Stratton engines. Carburetor creates and delivers a flammable mixture of air and gas to the engine. This kit includes a metal body carburetor, a gasket and a rubber hose.

Over time the carburetor on your small engine can become defective, causing sluggish performance and poor fuel economy. To prolong the life of your equipment it is necessary to replace your carburetor when these problems arise.

To replace this item, you would need a screwdriver.

• Remove the cover
• Disconnect fuel hose
• Remove old carburetor
• Install new carburetor
• Re-assemble and test the unit

Products Compatibility
This item works with the following types of products:

• Engine
• Lawn Tractor

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton

21A707-0223-E1 Engine
21A707-0260-E1 Engine
21A807-0116-E1 Engine
21A807-0118-B1 Engine
21A807-0118-E1 Engine
21A807-0119-B1 Engine
21A807-0119-E1 Engine
21A807-0120-E1 Engine
21A807-0120-E9 Engine
21A807-0123-B1 Engine
21A807-0123-E1 Engine
21A807-0124-B1 Engine
21A807-0130-B1 Engine
21A807-0130-E1 Engine
21A807-0163-E1 Engine
21A807-0164-B1 Engine
21A807-0164-E1 Engine
21A807-0165-E1 Engine
21A807-0165-E9 Engine
21A807-0166-B1 Engine
21A807-0166-E1 Engine
21A807-0167-B1 Engine
21A807-0167-E1 Engine
21A807-0168-B1 Engine
21A807-0168-E1 Engine
21A807-0214-E1 Engine
21A807-0215-E1 Engine
21A807-0236-B1 Engine
21A807-0236-B2 Engine
21A807-0236-E1 Engine
21A807-0236-E2 Engine
21A807-0238-B1 Engine
21A807-0238-E1 Engine
21A807-0238-E2 Engine
21A807-0241-E1 Engine
21A807-0285-E1 Engine
21A807-0333-E1 Engine
21A807-0524-B1 Engine
21A877-0113-B1 Engine
21A877-0113-E1 Engine
21A902-0117-B1 Engine
21A902-0117-E1 Engine
21A902-0127-E1 Engine
21A902-0134-E1 Engine
21A902-0134-E2 Engine
21A902-0136-E1 Engine
21A902-0138-E1 Engine
21A902-0139-E1 Engine
21A902-0141-E1 Engine
21A902-0141-E9 Engine
21A902-0142-E1 Engine
21A902-0142-E2 Engine
21A902-0142-E9 Engine
21A902-0144-E1 Engine
21A902-0149-E1 Engine
21A902-0149-E9 Engine
21A902-0151-E1 Engine
21A902-0151-E9 Engine
21A902-0161-E1 Engine
21A902-0161-E9 Engine
21A902-0166-E1 Engine
21A902-0166-E9 Engine
21A902-0168-E1 Engine
21A902-0170-E1 Engine
21A902-0171-E1 Engine
21A902-0184-B1 Engine
21A902-0184-E1 Engine
21A907-0104-B1 Engine
21A907-0104-E1 Engine
21A907-0113-B1 Engine
21A907-0113-E1 Engine
21A907-0120-E1 Engine
21A907-0123-E1 Engine
21A907-0124-E1 Engine
21A907-0125-E1 Engine
21A907-0128-E1 Engine
21A907-0131-E1 Engine
21A907-0133-E1 Engine
21A907-0137-E1 Engine
21A907-0140-E1 Engine
21A907-0140-E9 Engine
21A907-0143-E1 Engine
21A907-0145-E1 Engine
21A907-0145-E9 Engine
21A907-0146-E1 Engine
21A907-0147-E1 Engine
21A907-0147-E9 Engine
21A907-0150-E1 Engine
21A907-0150-E9 Engine
21A907-0152-E1 Engine
21A907-0153-E1 Engine
21A907-0154-E1 Engine
21A907-0154-E9 Engine
21A907-0155-E1 Engine
21A907-0158-E1 Engine
21A907-0159-E1 Engine
21A907-0159-E9 Engine
21A907-0162-E1 Engine
21A907-0164-E1 Engine
21A907-0164-E9 Engine
21A907-0167-B1 Engine
21A907-0167-E1 Engine
21A907-0169-E1 Engine
21A907-0183-B1 Engine
21A907-0185-E1 Engine
21A972-0188-E1 Engine
21A972-0190-E9 Engine
21A976-0176-E1 Engine
21A977-0101-E1 Engine
21A977-0105-B1 Engine
21A977-0105-E1 Engine
21A977-0115-E1 Engine
21A977-0119-E1 Engine
21A977-0121-B1 Engine
21A977-0121-E1 Engine
21A977-0122-B1 Engine
21A977-0122-E1 Engine
21A977-0129-E1 Engine
21A977-0156-B1 Engine
21A977-0156-E1 Engine
21A977-0157-B1 Engine
21A977-0157-E1 Engine
21A977-0165-E1 Engine
21A977-0165-E9 Engine
21A977-0172-B1 Engine
21A977-0172-E1 Engine

57300 (7000001-7999999)(1977) Lawn Tractor
57300 (8000001-8999999)(1978) Lawn Tractor
57300 (9000001-9999999)(1979) Lawn Tractor
57300 (0000001-0999999)(1980) Lawn Tractor
57300 (1000001-1999999)(1981) Lawn Tractor
57300 (2000001-2999999)(1982) Lawn Tractor
57300 (3000001-3999999)(1983) Lawn Tractor
57300 (4000001-4999999)(1984) Lawn Tractor
57300 (5000001-5999999)(1985) Lawn Tractor
57305 (8000001-8999999)(1978) Lawn Tractor
57351 (7000001-7999999)(1977) Lawn Tractor
57354 (6000001-6999999)(1986) Lawn Tractor
57354 (7000001-7999999)(1987) Lawn Tractor
57356 (8000001-8999999)(1978) Lawn Tractor
57356 (9000001-9999999)(1979) Lawn Tractor
71209 (240000001-240999999)(2004) Lawn Tractor
71209 (250000001-250005000)(2005) Lawn Tractor
71209 (250005001-250999999)(2005) Lawn Tractor
71209 (260000001-260999999)(2006) Lawn Tractor
71209 (270000001-270999999)(2007) Lawn Tractor
71209 (280000001-280999999)(2008) Lawn Tractor
71199 (240000001-240999999)(2004) Lawn Tractor
71199 (250000001-250999999)(2005) Lawn Tractor

Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton, Toro
Product Number: 593432
Classification: Part

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 5 in