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Briggs & Stratton Carburetor OEM #594601

Briggs & Stratton Carburetor OEM #594601

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This part replaces obsolete part #: 593003 ((Without Fuel Line) Used Before Code Date 13082700), 594599, 794136, 591736 and 796587.

This genuine replacement carburetor assembly is designed for Briggs and Stratton engines. Carburetor supplies a combustible mixture of gas and air to the engine. It also helps to control its speed. This kit includes a metal body carburetor, a composite material gasket and a fuel hose.

Difficulty starting, rough idle, high idle, false-start, no-start, excessive fuel consumption: These are the symptoms of a failing carburetor. If these symptoms persist it may be time to replace your carburetor.

To complete this repair a screwdriver would be needed.

• Remove the air box cover, filter and base
• Remove the old carburetor and install the new one
• Re-assemble and test the unit

Products Compatibility
This item works with the following types of products:

• Engine

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton
31M977-0112-E1 Engine
31Q677-0111-B1 Engine
31Q677-0111-E1 Engine
31Q677-0114-B1 Engine
31Q677-0114-E1 Engine
33M677-0110-G5 Engine
33M677-0117-G1 Engine
33M677-0121-B1 Engine
33M677-0122-B1 Engine
33M677-0123-G1 Engine
33M677-0124-B1 Engine
33M677-0149-B1 Engine
33M677-0151-B1 Engine
33M677-1398-B1 Engine
33M677-1494-B1 Engine
33M677-1594-G5 Engine
33M677-2124-G5 Engine
33M677-2494-G5 Engine
33M777-0036-G1 Engine
33M777-0111-B1 Engine
33M777-0111-E1 Engine
33M777-0112-B1 Engine
33M777-0114-B1 Engine
33M777-0116-G1 Engine
33M777-0117-B1 Engine
33M777-0118-G1 Engine
33M777-0119-B1 Engine
33M777-0120-B1 Engine
33M777-0121-B1 Engine
33M777-0123-B1 Engine
33M777-0124-B1 Engine
33M777-0125-B1 Engine
33M777-0126-G5 Engine
33M777-1400-B1 Engine
33M777-1495-B1 Engine
33M777-1506-B1 Engine
33M777-1583-B1 Engine
33M777-2116-G5 Engine
33M777-2117-G1 Engine
33M777-2117-G5 Engine
33M777-2401-G5 Engine
33M777-2495-G5 Engine
33M777-3036-G5 Engine
33M777-4583-G5 Engine
33M977-0001-G1 Engine
33M977-0002-G5 Engine
33M977-0003-G5 Engine
33M977-0004-G5 Engine
33M977-0005-G5 Engine
33M977-0006-G1 Engine
33M977-0007-G1 Engine
33M977-0008-G1 Engine
33M977-0009-G1 Engine
331707-0115-B1 Engine
331707-0115-G1 Engine
331777-0119-B1 Engine
331777-0546-B1 Engine
331777-0546-E1 Engine
331777-0815-B1 Engine
331777-0819-B1 Engine
331777-0896-B1 Engine
331777-0901-B1 Engine
331777-0946-B1 Engine
331777-0946-B2 Engine
331777-0946-B4 Engine
331777-0946-G1 Engine
331777-0956-B1 Engine
331777-1107-B1 Engine
331777-1192-B1 Engine
331777-1372-B1 Engine
331777-1372-B2 Engine
331777-1372-G1 Engine
331777-1372-G2 Engine
331777-1457-G1 Engine
331777-1523-B1 Engine
331777-1523-G5 Engine
331777-1557-G1 Engine
331777-1557-G5 Engine
331777-1558-G1 Engine
331777-1558-G5 Engine
331777-2372-G1 Engine
331777-2372-G5 Engine
331777-2457-G5 Engine
331777-4372-G5 Engine
331977-0001-G1 Engine
331977-0100-B1 Engine
331977-0101-B1 Engine
331977-0102-G5 Engine
331977-0102-G6 Engine
331977-0103-B1 Engine
331977-0103-B2 Engine
331807-0026-G1 Engine
331807-0116-B1 Engine
331807-3026-G5 Engine
331877-0036-E1 Engine
331877-0036-G1 Engine
331877-0110-G5 Engine
331877-0113-B1 Engine
331877-0113-B2 Engine
331877-0114-G1 Engine
331877-0114-G2 Engine
331877-0115-B1 Engine
331877-0117-G1 Engine
331877-0118-G1 Engine
331877-0119-B1 Engine
331877-0120-B1 Engine
331877-0141-G1 Engine
331877-0141-G2 Engine
331877-0142-B1 Engine
331877-0142-B2 Engine
331877-0143-G1 Engine
331877-0143-G2 Engine
331877-0144-B1 Engine
331877-0145-B1 Engine
331877-0146-B1 Engine
331877-0146-B2 Engine
331877-0147-B1 Engine
331877-0148-B1 Engine
331877-0149-G5 Engine
331877-0151-G5 Engine
331877-0238-G1 Engine
331877-0238-G5 Engine
331877-0238-G6 Engine
331877-0240-B1 Engine
331877-0240-B2 Engine
331877-0240-B5 Engine
331877-0240-B6 Engine
331877-0241-B1 Engine
331877-0241-B2 Engine
331877-0242-G5 Engine
331877-0505-B1 Engine
331877-0730-B1 Engine
331877-0794-B1 Engine
331877-0805-B1 Engine
331877-0805-E1 Engine
331877-0845-G1 Engine
331877-0845-G5 Engine
331877-0869-G1 Engine
331877-0869-G5 Engine
331877-0979-B1 Engine
331877-1234-B1 Engine
331877-1371-B1 Engine
331877-1449-G1 Engine
331877-1497-B1 Engine
331877-1577-G5 Engine
331877-2118-G1 Engine
331877-2118-G5 Engine
331877-2147-G1 Engine
331877-2147-G5 Engine
331877-2371-G1 Engine

Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Product Number: 594601
Classification: Part

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 4 in