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This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton
40G777-5188-G5 Engine
40G777-5222-B1 Engine
40G777-0002-G5 Engine
40G777-0131-G5 Engine
40G777-0132-B1 Engine
40G777-0133-G5 Engine
40H777-0150-G5 Engine
40H777-0151-G5 Engine
40H777-0152-B1 Engine
40H777-0152-B2 Engine
40H777-0153-G5 Engine
40H777-0154-B1 Engine
40H777-0164-B1 Engine
40H777-0176-B1 Engine
40H777-0177-G5 Engine
40H777-0178-G5 Engine
40H777-0179-G5 Engine
40H777-0181-G5 Engine
40H777-0182-G5 Engine
40H777-0182-G6 Engine
40H777-1633-G5 Engine
40H777-4143-G5 Engine
40H777-4144-G5 Engine
40H777-5129-B1 Engine
40H777-5135-G5 Engine
40H777-5136-B1 Engine
40H777-5136-G5 Engine
40H777-5137-B1 Engine
40H777-5138-G5 Engine
40H777-5139-B1 Engine
40H777-5141-B1 Engine
40H777-5142-G5 Engine
40H777-5143-B1 Engine
40H777-5144-G5 Engine
40H777-5173-B1 Engine
40H777-5175-B1 Engine
44L777-5160-B2 Engine
44L777-5160-B3 Engine
44L777-5279-G5 Engine
44L777-5282-B1 Engine
44L777-5282-B5 Engine
44L977-0001-G5 Engine
44L777-0121-B1 Engine
44L777-0121-B2 Engine
44L777-0133-B1 Engine
44L777-0133-B2 Engine
44L777-0134-G5 Engine
44L777-0134-G6 Engine
44L777-3136-G5 Engine
44L777-3137-G5 Engine
44L777-5110-G5 Engine
44L777-5119-B1 Engine
44L777-5119-G5 Engine
44L777-5132-B1 Engine
44L777-5137-G5 Engine
44L777-5139-B1 Engine
44L777-5139-G5 Engine
44M777-0111-G5 Engine
44M777-0173-B1 Engine
44M777-0174-G5 Engine
44M777-0176-G1 Engine
44M777-1634-G5 Engine
44M777-4171-G5 Engine
44M777-4172-G5 Engine
44M777-5144-G5 Engine
44M777-5147-G5 Engine
44M777-5161-G5 Engine
44M777-5164-B1 Engine
44M777-5165-B1 Engine
44M777-5165-G5 Engine
44M777-5166-B1 Engine
44M777-5166-G5 Engine
44M777-5168-B1 Engine
44M777-5169-B1 Engine
44M777-5169-G5 Engine
44M777-5171-G5 Engine
44M777-5172-B1 Engine
44M777-5172-G5 Engine
44M977-0001-G5 Engine
44M977-0110-G5 Engine
44M977-0938-G5 Engine
44P777-0003-G5 Engine
44P777-0181-G5 Engine
44P777-0182-G5 Engine
44P777-0184-G5 Engine
44P777-0186-G5 Engine
44P777-4178-G5 Engine
44P777-4278-G5 Engine
44P777-5146-B1 Engine
44P777-5156-G5 Engine
44P777-5157-G5 Engine
44P777-5159-G5 Engine
44P777-5162-G5 Engine
44P777-5163-G5 Engine
44P777-5167-B1 Engine
44P777-5167-G5 Engine
44P777-5168-G5 Engine
44P777-5171-B1 Engine
44P777-5172-G5 Engine
44P777-5174-G5 Engine
44P777-5176-G5 Engine
44P777-5178-G5 Engine
44P777-5278-G5 Engine
44P777-5799-B1 Engine
44P777-5799-G5 Engine
44P977-0110-G5 Engine
44P977-0111-G5 Engine
44P977-0113-G5 Engine
44P977-0114-G5 Engine
44Q777-5142-B1 Engine
44Q777-5143-B1 Engine
44Q777-5143-G5 Engine
44Q777-5145-G5 Engine
44Q777-5146-G5 Engine
44Q777-5147-G5 Engine
44Q777-5148-G5 Engine
44Q777-5149-G5 Engine
44Q777-5583-G5 Engine
44Q977-0037-G5 Engine
44Q977-0110-G1 Engine
44Q977-0110-G5 Engine
44Q977-0110-G6 Engine
44Q977-0112-G5 Engine
44Q977-0113-G5 Engine
44Q977-0114-B1 Engine
44Q977-0114-B2 Engine
44Q977-0115-G5 Engine
44Q977-0117-G5 Engine
44Q977-0119-G5 Engine
44Q977-0120-B1 Engine
44Q977-0199-G5 Engine
44Q977-0200-G5 Engine
44Q977-0275-G1 Engine
44Q977-0275-G5 Engine
44Q977-0276-G1 Engine
44Q977-0276-G5 Engine
49G575-0111-E1 Engine
49G575-0111-E2 Engine
49L977-0001-G5 Engine
49L977-0110-G1 Engine
49L977-0110-G5 Engine
49L977-0125-G5 Engine
49L977-0126-G5 Engine
49L977-1635-G5 Engine
44Q777-0151-B1 Engine
44Q777-3047-G5 Engine
44Q777-3135-G5 Engine
44Q777-3136-G5 Engine
44Q777-3137-G5 Engine
44Q777-5121-B1 Engine

Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 5 in