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Briggs & Stratton Starter Motor OEM #595424

Briggs & Stratton Starter Motor OEM #595424

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This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton
130G32-0007-H1 Engine
130G32-0010-H1 Engine
130G32-0030-H1 Engine
130G32-0031-H1 Engine
130G32-0032-H1 Engine
130G32-0034-H1 Engine
130G32-0035-H1 Engine
130G32-0036-H1 Engine
130G32-0037-H1 Engine
130G32-0039-H7 Engine
130G32-0040-F1 Engine
130G32-0041-H7 Engine
130G32-0042-H7 Engine
130G32-0044-H1 Engine
130G32-0047-H1 Engine
130G32-0048-H1 Engine
130G32-0055-H1 Engine
130G32-0056-F1 Engine
130G32-0057-H1 Engine
130G32-0059-H1 Engine
130G32-0060-H1 Engine
130G32-0061-F1 Engine
130G32-0062-H1 Engine
130G32-0063-F1 Engine
130G32-0064-F1 Engine
130G32-0067-F1 Engine
130G32-0068-H1 Engine
130G32-0069-F1 Engine
130G32-0071-01 Engine
130G32-0072-01 Engine
130G32-0074-H1 Engine
130G32-0075-F1 Engine
130G32-0077-F1 Engine
130G32-0079-01 Engine
130G32-0081-H1 Engine
130G32-0082-F1 Engine
130G32-0083-H7 Engine
130G32-0084-H1 Engine
130G32-0086-H1 Engine
130G32-0087-H1 Engine
130G32-0088-H1 Engine
130G32-0089-H7 Engine
130G32-0090-H1 Engine
130G32-0091-H1 Engine
130G32-0092-F1 Engine
130G32-0093-F1 Engine
130G32-0094-H1 Engine
130G32-0095-H1 Engine
130G32-0096-H1 Engine
130G32-0097-01 Engine
130G32-0101-F1 Engine
130G32-0102-H1 Engine
130G32-0104-H1 Engine
130G32-0109-01 Engine
130G32-0110-F1 Engine
130G32-0111-H7 Engine
130G32-0112-F1 Engine
130G32-0113-H1 Engine
130G32-0115-F1 Engine
130G32-0116-F1 Engine
130G32-0117-H1 Engine
130G32-0119-H1 Engine
130G32-0120-H1 Engine
130G32-0121-F1 Engine
130G32-0122-F1 Engine
130G32-0123-H1 Engine
130G32-0124-F1 Engine
130G32-0125-F1 Engine
130G32-0126-F1 Engine
130G32-0127-F1 Engine
130G32-0128-F1 Engine
130G32-0131-H7 Engine
130G32-0132-F1 Engine
130G32-0134-F1 Engine
130G32-0138-H7 Engine
130G32-0140-H1 Engine
130G32-0141-F1 Engine
130G32-0147-H7 Engine
130G32-0156-F1 Engine
130G32-0157-F1 Engine
130G32-0161-H1 Engine
130G32-0163-F1 Engine
130G32-0166-H1 Engine
130G32-0177-F1 Engine
130G32-0178-H1 Engine
130G32-0180-H1 Engine
130G32-0224-01 Engine
130G32-0225-01 Engine
130G32-0226-01 Engine
130G32-0229-01 Engine
130G32-0231-F1 Engine
130G32-0234-F1 Engine
130G36-0105-H1 Engine
130G36-0114-H1 Engine
130G36-0151-H7 Engine
130G37-0129-H1 Engine
130G37-0130-F1 Engine
130G37-0133-F1 Engine
130G37-0136-F1 Engine
130G37-0152-F1 Engine
130G37-0160-H1 Engine
130G37-0181-H1 Engine
130G37-0183-F1 Engine
130G37-0232-F1 Engine
130G52-0135-F1 Engine
130G52-0137-F1 Engine
130G52-0182-F1 Engine
130G62-0142-01 Engine
130G62-0143-H1 Engine
130G62-0153-H1 Engine
130G62-0155-H1 Engine
130G66-0144-H7 Engine

Vanguard – Briggs & Stratton
12V337-0009-F1 Engine
12V337-0010-F1 Engine
12V337-0024-F1 Engine

Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton, Vanguard – Briggs & Stratton
Product Number: 595424

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 4 in