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Kohler Electric Starter #1209822-S

Kohler Electric Starter OEM #1209822-S

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Kohler Electric Starter #1209822-S

This part is compatible with the following machines:

CH14-1809 Engine
CH14-1810 Engine
CH14-1818 Engine
CH15GST-44550 Engine
CV12.5ST-1281 Engine
CV12.5ST-1286 Engine
CV13S-21502 Engine
CV13S-21516 Engine
CV13S-21533 Engine
CV13S-21535 Engine
CV14-1402 Engine
CV14-1403 Engine
CV14-1405 Engine
CV14-1410 Engine
CV14-14110 Engine
CV14-14111 Engine
CV14-1416 Engine
CV14-1428 Engine
CV13ST-21503 Engine
CV13ST-21512 Engine
CV12.5-1202 Engine
CV12.5-1203 Engine
CV12.5-1205 Engine
CV11S-1112 Engine
CV11S-1114 Engine
CV11-1102 Engine
CV11-1103 Engine
CV11-1105 Engine
CV11-1110 Engine
CV11-1111 Engine
CV12.5-1227 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1259 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1260 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1261 12.5 HP Engine
CV15-41508 Engine
CV15-41509 Engine
CV15-41510 Engine
CV15-41511 Engine
CV15-41514 Engine
CV12.5-1274 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1277 12.5 HP Engine
CV14S-14100 Engine
CV14S-14106 Engine
CV14S-14107 Engine
CV14S-14109 Engine
CV14S-1487 Engine
CV14S-1489 Engine
CV14S-1495 Engine
CV14-1445 Engine
CV14-1447 Engine
CV14-1452 Engine
CV14-1453 Engine
CV14-1454 Engine
CV14-1456 Engine
CV14-1457 Engine
CV14-1472 Engine
CV14-1474 Engine
CV14-1478 Engine
CV14-1482 Engine
CV16S-43510 Engine
CV16S-43511 Engine
CV16S-43515 Engine
CV16S-43516 Engine
CV16S-43517 Engine
CV16S-43518 Engine
CV15ST-41503 Engine
CV15ST-41595 Engine
CV16S-43522 Engine
CV16S-43524 Engine
CV16S-43526 Engine
CV16S-43528 Engine
CV492-27517 Command Pro Single Engine
CV492-27518 Command Pro Single Engine
CV492-27525 Command Pro Single Engine
CV492-27531 Command Pro Single Engine
CV492-27534 Command Pro Single Engine
CV492-27539 Command Pro Single Engine
CV491-27509 Command Pro Engine
PH-XT675 Courage Xt Series Motor
CV15-41502 Idle Speed 1750 Rpm/High Speed 3250 Rpm
CH15-44550 15 HP Engine
CH450-0013 15 HP Engine
CV11-1112 11 HP Engine
CV11-1114 11 HP Engine
CV12.5-1281 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1282 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1286 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1290 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1291 12.5 HP Engine
CV13-21502 13 HP Engine
CV13-21503 13 HP Engine
CV13-21512 13 HP Engine
CV13-21514 13 HP Engine
CV13-21516 13 HP Engine
CV13-21519 13 HP Engine
CV13-21521 13 HP Engine
CV13-21529 13 HP Engine
CV13-21532 13 HP Engine
CV13-21535 13 HP Engine
CV13-21536 13 HP Engine
CV14-14101 14 HP Engine
CV14-14106 14 HP Engine
CV14-14107 14 HP Engine
CV14-1487 14 HP Engine
CV14-1495 14 HP Engine
CV15-41503 15 HP Engine
CV15-41518 15 HP Engine
CV15-41519 15 HP Engine
CV15-41520 15 HP Engine
CV15-41522 15 HP Engine
CV15-41527 15 HP Engine
CV15-41528 15 HP Engine
CV15-41530 15 HP Engine
CV15-41531 15 HP Engine
CV15-41535 15 HP Engine
CV15-41538 15 HP Engine
CV15-41539 15 HP Engine
CV15-41541 15 HP Engine
CV15-41544 15 HP Engine
CV15-41545 15 HP Engine
CV15-41548 15 HP Engine
CV15-41549 15 HP Engine
CV15-41550 15 HP Engine
CV15-41551 15 HP Engine
CV15-41555 15 HP Engine
CV15-41556 15 HP Engine
CV15-41574 15 HP Engine
CV15-41576 15 HP Engine
CV15-41588 15 HP Engine
CV15-41589 15 HP Engine
CV15-41590 15 HP Engine

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 4 in