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Kolher Starter Assembly OEM #3209810S

Kohler Starter Assembly OEM #3209810S

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Kohler Starter Assembly OEM #3209810S

A new inertia drive starter has been developed with many advantages over the previous design.
Improvements include:

  • Stronger shaft – shaft diameter was increased from 12.5mm to 17mm
  • Less susceptible to bending or fracture
  • 9 tooth pinion down from 10
  • Ratio allows for increased torque
  • Patent RDD (rubber disc drive) encapsulates the rubber and shields the friction surface from contaminants
  • Solves the grease/oil contamination slip issue
  • Higher torque and speed
  • Higher speed translates to more frequent pinion and ring gear meshing, Cranking speed is 80 rpm faster than the previous motor
  • Better performance
  • Better roll over engine speed and no hot restart stalling
  • Stable cranking
  • No kick outs of pinion due to higher torque
  • Lower current
  • Shorter motor
  • Pinion cold forged
Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 5 × 4 in