Kohler Throttle Sensor OEM #2541808-S

Kohler Throttle Sensor OEM #2541808-S

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This part is compatible with the following machines:

ECH630-3001 19 HP Engine
ECH630-3002 19 HP Engine
ECH630-3003 19 HP Engine
ECH650-3001 21 HP Engine
ECH650-3002 21 HP Engine
ECH680-3011 23 HP Engine
ECH680-3012 23 HP Engine
ECH680-3013 23 HP Engine
ECH730-0011 25 HP Engine
ECH730-0012 25 HP Engine
ECH730-3001 25 HP Engine
ECH730-3002 25 HP Engine
ECH730-3003 25 HP Engine
ECH730-3019 25 HP Engine
ECH730-3032 25 HP Engine
ECH730-3036 25 HP Engine
ECH730-3037 25 HP Engine
ECH740-3001 27 HP Engine
ECH740-3002 27 HP Engine
ECH740-3003 27 HP Engine
ECH740-3011 Engine
ECH749-0011 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3001 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3002 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3003 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3004 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3005 Engine
ECH749-3006 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3007 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3012 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3013 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3015 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3018 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3019 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3028 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3031 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3032 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3033 29 HP Engine
ECV650-3011 21 HP Engine
ECV680-3001 23 HP Engine
ECV680-3011 23 HP Engine
ECV680-3014 23 HP Engine
ECV730-3001 25 HP Engine
ECV730-3011 25 HP Engine
ECV730-3013 25 HP Engine
ECV740-3011 27 HP Engine
ECV740-3012 27 HP Engine
ECV740-3013 27 HP Engine
ECV740-3018 27 HP Engine
ECV740-3019 27 HP Engine
ECV740-3020 27 HP Engine
ECV749-3001 29 HP Engine
ECV749-3002 Engine
ECV749-3011 29 HP Engine
ECV749-3012 29 HP Engine
ECV749-3013 29 HP Engine
ECV749-3014 29 HP Engine
ECV749-3015 29 HP Engine
ECV749-3017 29 HP Engine
ECV749-3018 29 HP Engine
ECV749-3021 29 HP Engine
ECV749-3022 29 HP Engine
ECV940-2011 33 HP Engine
ECV940-2012 33 HP Engine
ECV980-2011 37 HP Engine
ECV980-2012 37 HP Engine
FCV740-3011 Engine
PCV680-3011 22 Hp Engine
PCV740-3011 24 Hp Engine
ECH630-3004 19 Hp Engine
ECH650-3022 21 Hp Engine
ECH730-3039 25 Hp Engine
ECH730-3040 25 Hp Engine
ECH730-3044 25 Hp Engine
ECH730-3045 25 Hp Engine
ECH740-3028 27 Hp Engine
ECH740-3031 27 Hp Engine
ECH749-3039 29 Hp Engine
ECH749-3040 29 Hp Engine
ECH749-3041 29 Hp Engine
ECV630-3011 19 Hp Engine
ECV630-3012 19 Hp Engine
ECV730-3016 25 Hp Engine
ECV730-3021 25 Hp Engine
ECV740-3023 27 Hp Engine
ECV740-3025 27 Hp Engine
ECV740-3032 27 Hp Engine
ECV749-3023 29 Hp Engine
ECV749-3028 29 Hp Engine
ECV749-3040 29 Hp Engine
ECV940-2013 33 Hp Engine
ECV980-2016 37 Hp Engine
PCH680-3001 23 Hp Engine
PCH680-3002 23 Hp Engine
PCH680-3003 23 Hp Engine
PCH680-3004 23 Hp Engine
PCH740-3005 25 Hp Engine
PCH740-3014 SCAG 25 HP (18.6 kW)
PCH740-3015 WALKER 25 HP (18.6 kW)
PCV680-3003 22 HP (16.4 kW) Engine
PCV680-3012 Exmark, 22hp, 16.4kW
FCV740-3012 JOHN DEERE 25 HP
PCV680-3013 ARIENS 22 HP (16.4 kW) Engine
PCV740-3003 24hp, 17.0kW Engine
PCV740-3012 Scag, 24hp, 17.0kW
PCV740-3013 Ariens, 24hp, 17.0kW Engine
PCV740-3014 Toro, 24hp, 17.0kW
PCV740-3015 Exmark, 24hp, 17.0kW
PCH680-3011 Toro, 23hp, 17.1kW
PCH740-3001 25hp, 18.61kW Engine
PCH740-3002 25hp, 18.61kW Engine
PCH740-3003 25hp, 18.61kW Engine
PCH740-3004 25hp, 18.61kW Engine
PCH740-3006 25hp, 18.61kW Engine
PCH740-3007 25hp, 18.61kW Engine
PCH740-3008 25hp, 18.61kW Engine
PCH740-3012 Medart, 25hp, 18.6kW
PCH740-3013 Moridge, 25hp, 18.6kW
ECH630-3005 19hp, 14.2kW Engine
ECH730-3038 ECH730, 25hp, 18.61kW
ECH730-3043 25hp, 18.61kW Engine
ECH730-3046 25hp, 18.61kW Engine
ECH630-3011 19hp, 14.2kW Engine
ECH650-3011 21hp, 15.7kW Engine
ECH650-3012 21hp, 15.7kW Engine
ECH630-3012 19hp, 14.2kW Engine
ECH630-3022 Goodall, 19hp, 14.2kW
ECH650-3021 John Deere, 19hp, 14.2kW
ECH650-3023 ECH650-21hp, 15.7kW Engine
ECH630-3023 Lombardini, 19hp, 14.2kW
ECH630-3024 ECH630-19hp, 14.2kW
ECH650-3024 Gardner, 21hp, 15.7kW
ECV740-3015 27hp, 20.1kW Engine
ECV740-3016 27hp, 20.1kW Engine
ECV740-3017 Husqvarna, 27hp, 20.1kW
ECV740-3022 Wright Mfg, 27hp, 20.1kW
ECH740-3004 27hp, 20.1kW Engine
ECH740-3005 27hp, 20.1kW Engine
ECV740-3033 Toro, 27hp, 20.1kW
ECV740-3034 Toro, 27hp, 20.1kW
ECH730-3065 ECH730-25hp, 18.61kW
ECH680-3014 23hp, 17.1kW Engine
ECH680-3015 23hp, 17.1kW Engine
ECH740-3012 27hp, 20.1kW Engine
ECH680-3024 SDMO, 23hp, 17.2kW
ECH680-3025 Medart, 23hp, 17.2kW
ECH740-3014 27hp, 20.1kW Engine
ECH740-3026 Kubota, 27hp, 20.1kW
ECH740-3037 ECH740-Engine
ECH730-3021 25hp, 18.61kW Engine

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 in