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Trimmer/Brushcutter Accessories

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Trimmer covers will fit most STIHL, ECHO & others alike string trimmer, edger, pole saw, brush cutter and hedge trimmer engines

Trimmer/Brushcutter Accessories

Echo 3 ft. PAS Attachment Extension #99944200536


This ECHO 3 foot Pro Attachment Series extension provides extra reach for PAS attachments.

Turn your PAS into a bed redefiner to reshape flowerbed edges 7X faster

Turn your PAS powerhead into a cultivator that is perfect for flowerbeds

Turn your PAS powerhead into a sweeper to clean debris from multiple surfaces

ECHO’s newest PAS system offering class-leading performance

This attachment turns your ECHO Pro Attachment Series power source into a brushcutter that is the perfect size for cutting rough grass, small saplings and small bushes!

Turn your PAS powerhead into an effective surface cleaner

Trimmer/Brushcutter Accessories

ECHO Trimmer Attachment #99944200540


This ECHO Pro Attachment Series speed feed trimmer attachment turns your PAS power source into a dedicated trimmer.

Trimmer/Brushcutter Accessories

Husqvarna 300TA Trimmer Attachment


For Husqvarna detachable trimmers. Cutting equipment and guard are included. Shaft diameter 24 mm.

Click-on brushcutter attachment for trimmers. Equipped with combination guard and Multi 255-4 grass knife. Comes complete with J-handle and harness, to allow for use with loop handle products. Shaft diameter 24 mm.

This Husqvarna Blade Conversion Kit includes a barrier bar, shoulder strap, suspension eyelet, blade locknut, support flange, 255-4 Grass Blade, support cup, combination guard, and socket wrench.

Husqvarna Edger Attachment

Keeps lawns, pathways and flowerbeds looking good with straight neat edging. Shaft diameter 24 mm.

Shaft extension attachment for combi products. Gives an extra reach of almost 80 cm. Shaft diameter 24 mm.


Heavy duty world's easiest loading trimmer head with stainless steel line locking system. Holds all shaped line from .095 to .155 in diameter in 8″ lengths.