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GTIN: 843530004540 $899.99

This Lawn Mower Attachment is designed to quickly and easily replace your DR Field and Brush Mower’s standard brush deck without tools

GTIN: 843530005417 $1,399.95

We gave the PRO 400 Chipper Shredder 20% more power than our entry model

GTIN: 843530005400 $1,199.95

We gave the PRO 400 Chipper Shredder 20% more power than our entry model, and we offer a pin-hitch kit option for towing it around your property.

GTIN: 843530006773 $2,999.95

Our most complete yard and garden cleanup machine. Devour branches up to 5″ in diameter and shred yard and garden waste up to 1.5″ thick. Get 20:1 reduction with our innovative shredding technology.

GTIN: 843530005073 $1,699.99

Our lightest and easiest-to-handle DR Brush Mower

GTIN: 843530005615 $2,599.95

Power Steering: independent disc brakes on each wheel for super-easy turns

Step up to Power Steering with our 16.5 HP PRO XL30 model and you can turn on a dime, even do a full 180º turn, without muscling the machine. A wide, 30″ deck cuts mowing time by about 15% versus our PRO models.

GTIN: 843530003147 $3,599.95

Dr Power Equipment larger PRO XL model features a 20 HP V-Twin engine that provides the muscle you need to take down 3” thick saplings and the thickest field grass with ease. Power Steering makes it easy to turn the 30″ deck.

Step up to a big 20 HP V-Twin engine for even more brush busting power! Hitch it to your ATV or lawn tractor and reclaim overgrown property while you ride. Take down 3″ saplings and mow the thickest field grass. Clear up to 2 acres per hour!

GTIN: 843530003024 $2,199.95

Lightweight but rugged, our PRO-26 has the power for cutting the thickest field grass and clearing brush and saplings up to 2″ thick. Accepts all our optional attachments that make the DR a year-round workhorse!

In winter, plow driveways and walks and clear snow quickly. Any time of year, harness the pushing power of the DR FIELD and BRUSH MOWER and use the Grader/Snow Blade to spread and level loose gravel, topsoil, sand and more.

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GTIN: 843530005851 $549.95

With the DR PRO Edger you can take your yard care to the next level! Cut professional quality edges anywhere on your property—along sidewalks and driveways, around flower beds, even next to curbs.

GTIN: 843530004809 $1,499.95

Our electric-start PREMIER 200 model has all the same features and the same awesome suction power as our larger PRO models.

GTIN: 843530004793 $1,299.95

DR Lawn and Leaf Vacuum Premier

GTIN: 843530004823 $1,999.95

The PRO 321 model leaf and lawn vacuum has a capacity of 43 cubic feet, or 321 gallons, and dumps quickly and easily.