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DR Power Equipment

DR Pulse 62V Trimmer Mower

GTIN: 843530006612 $699.95

Say hello to better control, increased stability, and perfectly precise edges with the DR Pulse 62V Trimmer Mower that runs on a 62 volt battery.

GTIN: 843530005561 $899.99

The PRO XL lets you choose forward tine rotation for working soil in established garden, or counter tine rotation when you need extra muscle for sod-busting or breaking the toughest soil.

GTIN: 843530005233 $799.99

Power-driven wheels and counter-rotating tines give this tiller the extra power you need for busting sod and churning through the toughest soils…even heavy clay.

GTIN: 843530005523 $1,999.95

Stumps won’t stand a chance against the DR Stump Grinder PRO Model with it’s 9.2 horsepower engine that can tear through stumps large and small, leaving you with a pile of wood chips.

GTIN: 843530004519 $2,799.99

Cover more ground in much less time with the DR Tow-Behind Finish Mower 60″ that features an extra wide 60 inch deck and a 14.5 horsepower engine.

DR Power Equipment

DR Trimmer/Mower (Tow-Behind)

GTIN: 843530005080 $1,349.99

The DR Tow-Behind Trimmer Mower PRO XLT features a 163cc engine and a cutting width of 22 inches for maintaining your property like a pro.

GTIN: 843530004083 $459.99

Lightweight yet powerful, the DR Trimmer/Mower 6.75 Premier offers a 22 inch cutting width and a 163 cc engine for maneuverable cuts that will take your yard to the next level.

DR Power Equipment

DR Trimmer/Mower 7.0 Pilot

GTIN: 843530005608 $379.99

Easy to maneuver yet lethal to all your unwanted weeds, the DR Trimmer/Mower 7.0 Pilot offers lightweight power with a 174 cc engine and 7.0 feet-pound torque.

GTIN: 843530004175 $1,199.98

Bring a little muscle to your yard care with the DR Trimmer/Mower 8.75 PRO-XL, the most powerful walk-behind trimmer mower with a 22 inch cutting width and a 190 cc engine.

Step up to our Self-Propelled PRO XLSP model for the ultimate ease in trimming and mowing! Variable-speed drive lets you walk at your own comfortable pace while the DR does the hard work. Electric starting.

GTIN: 843530004922 $899.99

DR 9.5 Chipper Shredder has the muscle to chew through hardwood branches up to 3″ in diameter and shred half-inch thick yard waste. We made it easy to maneuver, easy to use, and a terrific value!

When you have a lot of trimming to do, stopping to change your trimmer cord can be a hassle.

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Burn at up to 1600 degrees F and forget about that rusty old burn barrel. Thoroughly incinerate unwanted leaves, branches, financial documents and more with the stainless steel BurnCage™.

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For established gardens, this front-tine tiller has all the muscle you need for working garden beds into a loose, rich mix. Variable tilling width makes this a versatile choice

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GTIN: 843530004847 $2,599.95

Go big or go home with the DR Lawn and Leaf Vacuum Pro-XL321 ES that offers the most power to volume ratio yet with a 321 holding capacity, 11.7 horsepower, and an electric start.