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Aluma 12″ U-Bolt Spare Tire Carrier

Safford Equipment has accessories for Aluma Trailers too!

Aluma 6″ 5 Bolt Vertical Spare Tire Carrier

The Aluma Tandem Utility Trailer #8116TA will help you get your gear wherever you’re going and can carry up to 1,200 pounds on it’s 81″ x 193″ trailer bed.

he Aluma Tandem Utility Trailer #8218H ANV will help you transport like a pro with a 81″ x 219″ trailer bed and a load limit of 1,200 pounds.

Get maintenance-free, superior hauling ability with the 8218 Tandem Utility Trailer Tilt from Aluma. 1600-lb beauty features an 81” x 244” bed size with a 20’ tilt bed for super-smooth, faster, safer loading and unloading, especially for precious cargo.


The Aluma Utility Trailer #6810H TILT features a 69″ x 122″ trailer bed and can carry up to 1200 pounds of lawn equipment from point A to point B (and back).


Durable trailers from Aluma are lightweight and maintenance free. Choose from utility trailers, aluminum ATV trailers, car, motorcycle and snowmobile trailers, car haulers, enclosed trailers, watercraft trailers.


Get maintenance-free, versatile hauling for years to come with the 7810ESA Utility Trailer from Aluma. This 625-lbs. beauty features a 78” x 122.5” bed size with a fold-down tailgate for super-smooth loading and unloading.


Durable trailers from Aluma are lightweight and maintenance free.

Aluminum Trailers

Aluma Utility Trailer #UTR14


Haul like you’re the one in charge with the Aluma Utility Trailer #UTR14, which features a 78″ x 175.25″ trailer bed and can carry up to 1,200 pounds.


With a trailer bed of 93.25″ by 182″ and a load capacity of 1200 pounds, the Aluma UTV Utility Trailer #UT10 will be your favorite cross-country (or cross-town) companion.

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Lightweight, sturdy, and easy to tow, the Aluma MC10 Motorcycle trailer is an excellent choice for transporting your bike just about anywhere. Bring your bike along on family vacations or weekend camping trips, or strap it in for an epic road trip and explore areas of the country even further from home.

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Travel cross country with a motorcycle or two with this Aluma Motorcycle Trailer #MC210 that can fit your motorcycles comfortably in its 78″ x 138″ trailer bed with the help of two 2’ motorcycle brackets.

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Featuring a trailer bed of 77.5″ x 144″ and capable of hauling a whopping load of 1,200 pounds, the Aluma Tandem Utility Trailer #7812TA-R will save you a trip or two.