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The Husqvarna BLi20 battery is a high quality integrated battery suitable for home use. With a high capacity for extended run time, the BLi20 is suitable for use with the 100-series battery products including chainsaws. This 36V 4 Ah battery is suitable for products such as the 115iL grass trimmer, the 120i chainsaw, and the 115iHD45 hedgetrimmer, which are ideal for light domestic use. You can also use this battery with the LC141Li or LC141V Li.

Running time of any of the Husqvarna interchangeable batteries will be dependent on which machine you are using it with, and whether you are using your machine for light or more tough work. The 100-series is designed primarily for very light domestic use, so when used the 115iL, for example, you can expect 60 minutes of work on a single charge, and with the 115iHD45 you will be able to work for about 1 hour and 35 minutes. If you are using the Husqvarna BLi 20 with the 120i chainsaw, you will be able to prune for around 35 minutes on one charge. With the LC141Li lawnmower you will be able to mow for approximately 30 minutes on one charge (depending on the grass length) or run the LC141VLi lawnmower for about 25 minutes.

Much like running time, charge time depends entirely on which charger you buy. For the Husqvarna BLi20 battery, the QC80 is usually suitable. This will charge your battery to 80% in 1 hour 50 minutes, or fully charge your battery pack in two hours and ten minutes. For a faster charge, opt for the QC330 charger. This will power your battery fully in 40 minutes, or to 80% in just 25 minutes.

The Husqvarna BLi20 battery weighs just 1.2kg and can be charged up to 400 times. It is designed to be used continuously, and therefore offers excellent cooling, and features an intuitive 3-LED charge indicator so you have a bit of warning before your battery runs out of charge.

This battery interchanges with all current model Husqvarna battery chargers & battery powered units.

Battery Only, Charger Not Included

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Product Features
• Suitable for the Husqvarna 100-series battery range (including chainsaws)
• 36v and 4.0Ah capacity. Can be charged up to 400 times
• Weighs just 1.2kg
• Intuitive 3-LED charge indicator so you won’t be surprised by your battery running out of charge

Battery capacity 4.0 Ah
Battery voltage 36 V


Husqvarna BLi20 Operator’s Manual


Max run time with savE – 175 mins
Typical Charging Time 80%/100% 25 mins/40 mins
Consumer Warranty 3 years



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Weight 3.5 lbs
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