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Husqvarna T525 Chainsaw 12" #967633312

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The Husqvarna T525 Chainsaw 12″, with a 12 inch bar and 27cc engine, is perfect for tree-care professionals and skilled landowners looking for a lightweight and easy-to-operate saw option for less-intensive jobs.

Fueled by an environmentally-friendly X-Torq® engine, this saw delivers great power with fewer exhaust emissions and significantly reduced fuel consumption. You’ll have to stop to refill your tank less often, and the earth will thank you in the meantime. This saw features an easily maneuverable top-handle design that makes it easy to navigate up high and around tight corners.

Weighing just under 6 pounds, this saw is the ideal companion for pruning way up in the tops of trees, trimming in orchards or vineyards, and for quicker maintenance jobs that require a light and precise touch.

Feature Highlights

X-Torq engine

In line with the world’s most impressive environmental standards, the X-Torq engine boasts for all-time low fuel consumption and limits exhaust emission for performance you and the earth will feel good about.

Side-mounted chain tensioner

Tensioning doesn’t require a second thought or excess tools thanks to the side-mounted tensioner.

Quick-release air filter

Maintenance for your saw just got a whole lot easier with the quick-release air filter that allows on-the-spot cleaning and effortless replacement.

Inertia Activated Chain Brake

No need to fear the kickback! Thanks to an inertia activated chain break, the opportunity for injury is reduced, so starting up your saw and staying safe is easy.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 12 in

Bar length 12 inch(es)
Maximum bar length 12 inch(es)
Chain size 3/8 .050-45
Sound/Noise 111 dB
Displacement 27 cc
Grade Commercial, full
Fuel tank volume 0.36 pints
Horsepower 1.48 hp
Maximum RPM 13500
Manufacturer Husqvarna
MPN 967633312
Warranty 2 years
Weight 5.95 pounds
Chain part number 585422145
Bar part number 501959245
Accessories MPN
Carrying case 100000107
Ear muffs 531300089
Ear plugs 589493002
Chain (OEM) 585422145
Bar (OEM) 596009745
Chain (Oregon) 91pxl045g
Protective eyewear 501234513
Protective eyewear (tinted) 501234502
Protective chaps 531309503
Protective apparel kit 588100503
Forest helmet 592752701
Saw file 588245901
Saw file kit 596638901