Hydro Gear Fan/Pulley Kit OEM #72124

Hydro Gear Fan/Pulley Kit OEM #72134

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Hydro Gear Fan/Pulley Kit OEM #72134

This part is compatible with the following machines:

17aa5aag766 Mower
17AA5AAG766 (2006) Rzt 42
Cub Cadet
44 (53AI3AGF750) Enforcer 19HP Kawasaki
44 (53BI3AGF050) Enforcer 19HP Kawasaki
48 (53AI3AGV750) Enforcer 21HP Kawasaki
54 (53AI3AGT750) Enforcer 23HP Kawasaki
48 (53BI3AGV050) Enforcer 21HP Kawasaki
54 (53BI3AGT050) Enforcer 23HP Kawasaki
54 (53AH3AGT050) Enforcer 23HP Kohler Command, V-Twin
48 (53AH3AGN050) Enforcer 22HP Kohler Command, V-Twin
44 (53AH3AGF050) Enforcer 20HP Kohler Command, V-Twin
M50-KHS (53BB5BBP750) Tank 23HP Kohler V-Twin Ohv
RZT42 (17AA5B4G710, 17AA5B4G709) (2006) Kohler 17AA5B4G
RZT50 (17AA5B7P756, 17AA5B7P710) (2006) Kohler 17AA5B7P
RZT22 (17AA5A7P710, 17AA5A7P712) Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower
RZT50 (17BA5A7P712, 17BA5A7P710, 17BA5A7P709) B&S Intek
RZT17 (17AA5A4G710, 17AA5A4G712) Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower
RZT42 (17BA5A4G712, 17BA5A4G710, 17BA5A4G709) B&S Intek
RZT50 (17AA5D7P710, 17AA5D7P709, 17AA5D7P756) (2006) Kawasaki 17AA5D7P
RZT42 (17AE2ACG710, 17AE2ACG709, 17AE2ACG756) (2007) Kohler 17AE2ACG
RZT42 (17AE2ACG010) (2010) Kohler 17AE2ACG
RZT42 (17YF2ACS010) (2012) Kohler 17YF2ACS
RZT42 (17AF2ACS010) (2011) Kohler 17AF2ACS
RZT42 (17WF2ACS009, 17WF2ACS010, 17WF2ACS056) (2011) Kohler 17WF2ACS
RZT50 (17AF2ACP010) (2011) Kohler 17AF2ACP
RZT50 (17WF2ACP010, 17WF2ACP009) (2011) Kohler 17WF2ACP
RZT50 (17AI2ACP010, 17AI2ACP056, 17WI2ACP010, 17WI2A) (2010) Kawasaki 17AI2ACP
RZT50 (17AI2ACP010) (2011) Kawasaki 17AI2ACP
RZT50 (17WI2ACP010, 17WI2ACP056) (2011) Kawasaki 17WI2ACP
RZT50KW (17AI2ACP056) (2012) Kawasaki 17AI2ACP
RZT50KW (17YI2ACP010, 17YI2ACP056) (2012) Kawasaki 17YI2ACP
RZT54 (17WF2ACK010) (2011) Kohler 17WF2ACK
RZT54 (17AI2ACK010, 17AI2ACK056, 17WI2ACK056, 17WI2A) (2010) Kawasaki
RZT54KW (17YI2ACK010) (2012) Kawasaki 17YI2ACK
RZT42 (17AE2ACG010) (2008-2009) Kohler 17AE2ACG
RZT54 (17WI2ACK010, 17WI2ACK056) (2011) Kawasaki 17WI2ACK
RZT50KH (17YF2ACP010, 17YF2ACP009) (2012) Kohler
RZT50 (17AI2ACP710, 17AI2ACP709, 17AI2ACP756, 17AI2A) (2008 & Before) Kawasaki 17AI2ACP
FMZ50 (17AF4BFP010, 17AF4BFP210, 17AF4BFP009, 17AF4B) Zero-Turn
RZT54 (17AI2ACK709, 17AI2ACK710, 17AI2ACK010) (2008 & Before, 2008) Kawasaki
RZT50 (17AI2ACP010, 17AI2ACP056, 17AI2ACP009, 17AI2A) (2009) Kawasaki 17AI2ACP
RZT54 (17AI2ACK010, 17AI2ACK056, 17AI2ACK256) (2009) Kawasaki
RZT50VT (17VK2ACP010, 17VK2ACP009) (2009) B&S
RZT50VT (17BK2ACP010, 17BK2ACP009, 17WK2ACP010, 17WK2A) (2010 & After, 2010) B&S
60 (53AA5BBJ710) Z-Force Kohler 53AA5BBJ
17AJ2ACG897 (RZT42)(2009) Lawn Tractor
17AJ2ACG897 (RZT42)(2010) Lawn Tractor
17AK2ACP897 (RZT50)(2009) Lawn Tractor
17AK2ACP897 (RZT50)(2010) Lawn Tractor
ZT50 (17AF2ACP897)(2013) Lawn Tractor
17AK2ACP597 (17AK2ACP597 RZT-50)(2008) Lawn Tractor
17AJ2ACG597 (17AJ2ACG597 RZT-42)(2008) Lawn Tractor
17BK2ACP597 (17BK2ACP597 RZT-50)(2008) Lawn Tractor
ZT54 (17AF2ACK897)(2013) Lawn Tractor

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 2 in